Welcome in the wine-universe of SWAFFOU.
A lot of our respected collegues search for a specialisation which limits itself, especially geographically. We chose for the philosophy of the wine maker.

At SWAFFOU you will find especially those wines which reflect the feeling and insight of a person and not the typical properties of a particular region. In other words you will taste the philosophy of the winemaker who, in a lot of cases, prevails on the region.
It is up to you to determine which angle you prefer...

We maintain very close contacts with our restaurant-partners and help them to satisfy your curiousity for these wines. We regularly organise, at their place or another location, occasions where you have the opportunity to discover our wines.
Ofcourse we are open to suggestions/proposals and we can organise "tailor-made degustations".

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information:

Luc Hoornaert
t: +32 475 80 04 14
e: info@swaffou.com

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